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Putting together your first ever health and fitness plan

Shudder the thought because you could be right in thinking that this is not such an easy exercise if you will. Many of you are qualified to have this thought because you may have had experience trying to do the very thing. This was the best alternative at that time because most of us could not afford the regular use of a personal trainer and health-oriented nutritionist. You could also add in a life skills planner too these days.

Yes, you are right, it’s not so easy. All that reading and research has simply overwhelmed you at times, sometimes even tempted you into giving up altogether. But stop stations, don’t go just yet. These next few lines motivate you to get up onto your pony, not your prize stallion, and start putting together your first proper health and fitness plan. The equine metaphor was deliberate. It can be likened to not trying out challenging things that are too difficult to master at the first attempts.

Whether you are going to have the help of qualified others or going it alone for now, one way or another, you won’t be taxed to death. You will not be attempting muscle building and strengthening exercises that you cannot muster at this time. Your first exercise plan will be indicative of doing exercises that you in your current condition can manage. So, if it is going to be something as modest as five sit ups and five pushups, then so be it.

Do not be ashamed of that. Get the picture that within a month from this first modest step you are likely to be managing twenty reps each way. And if you are running, you’ll be covering six blocks or more a month from now.