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Brief Introduction To Starting A Blog Online

how to start a blog 101

This is a brief intro to what you can expect to receive from following the clear and easy to follow online guidelines. If you are going to be successful in your first venture with blogging, you will need to be fully onboard with reputable and/or recommended online guides like how to start a blog 101. Because the online instructors are well aware of your background in terms of ignorance – you, as a complete newbie or beginner, are, after all, their target market if you will.

From both an esthetic and commercial point of view, there is much for them to gain from your success as well. Here, we are not simply referring to the proverbial pat on the back or blatantly direct recommendation to others to use these guides. See it as something of an online academic qualification when you pass with flying colors in the successful setting up of your blog by studiously following the setting up instructions given to you by the instructors on those recommended spaces like how to start a blog 101.

This will only go to show that they have done their job well. Not that that will be any imposition to you or them, because once you are fully onboard with your learning material, you will soon see how easy it all is. Make the process as easy as possible for yourself by following those steps as carefully and slowly as possible. And by the time you have completed the process or even as early as before the step by step tutorial begins, do make every effort to follow every word of advice being offered to you on matters not entirely technical.

For instance, you may already see yourself as a deft hand with the pen, but creative writing in the blog space is a whole different ballgame. Not so much to do with effective keyword choices and being recognized by the search engines but more to do with how you treat your audience. This is also important for when you visit other blogs and wish to leave comments there. Treat everyone with courteousy.

You will be responded to in kind. That brings up another worthy point that you will be guided on. It is unfortunate that you will always have unruly visitors. They are otherwise known as trolls. And it is quite easy to block them out of your blog. There will also be your crass spammers. But fortunately your chosen blogging platform will be blocking these out on your behalf. The system can, however, still give you polite warnings alerting you of the potential dangers.

It is all up to you how you put in place the settings. But you will do yourself a good service if you simply follow the good advice given to you in those online guides. And if you are not sure about anything, do not hesitate to ask. That is the best way to learn.