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Decks Clash Royale cast of characters that you will need to smash the enemy

Hey guys, how you all doing? Love playing games? That’s why you’re all here, right. And then this happened. You began asking yourself; how the heck am I going to play Clash Royale. Yep, guys, this is not one of the easiest games to play.

It does not matter what apparatus or device you choose to use. What you do need at this time is all your best wits. You need to really concentrate, so we wonder whether playing Clash Royale while travelling to work in the morning is really a good idea. Anyway, it’s just our thought. We’re not as clever as you are. But are you aware of the stuff you’re going to need for one of the world’s most popular games.

We’re not going to be teaching you how to play Clash Royale, remember, we said we might not be as clever as you are. What we thought we’d do in the meantime is introduce you to the Decks Clash Royale characters you’re going to need to kick the enemy in the butt. After that, it really is over to you. No more hand holding and it’s bye-bye from us.

You go on and check those guides, if you can find them, and learn how to play the game good and proper. Oh come on guys; that part is easy too. All you have to do is type in this text – how to play Clash Royale – in your search engine field and there you go, lesson starts. Right? Right. We’re covering four arenas for now; don’t want to bombard you too much at this stage. These are arena’s four, five, six and seven.

And, of course, each arena has its own specialized or recommended cast of characters. The first arena you’re entering in the context given here requires the presence of a giant, a witch and a musketeer. You’ll also need the assistance of a knight in shining armor along with a gang of minions. Then there are weapons, only arrows and a fireball apparently. The next arena, five, needs a hog rider and a skeleton army.

Decks Clash Royale

Another musketeer, or is it the same musketeer from before, joins the battle. Then there’s another fireball to go with your arrows. Listen up, this is important. One of the most important characters or weapons you’re going to needing throughout this game is your balloon. You need to get this at least by the time you enter arena six. Your musketeer will, hopefully, still be with you. Joining the fray now will be the barbarians.

By the time you get to arena seven, you should still have your musketeer, minions and barbarians for company. It’s also a good idea to make sure that you still have a giant and hog rider to help you on your expedition to the next arena. And by this time, an elixir collector should be part of your team.