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Celebrity Houses at Celebritynetworth.wiki

Celebrities own the most lavish things in life, from clothing to beauty products to electronics, and of course their homes, too. Are you interested in learning more about the beautiful homes that celebrities own? You’ve come to the right place to find that information. Continue reading to learn more about celebrity homes, then make your way to celebritynetworth.wiki to check out more about the money that celebs are earning.

The Big O

Oprah Winfrey owns several homes, including a luxurious beach front property in Santa Barbara, California, and Monticello, California, but these two homes are just the start of the many that she owns.  Oprah loves each of her homes just as much as the next and takes ear precaution to ensure they all look ravishing from the inside out. What else would you expect from the talk show queen herself?


The Basketball Player We Love

Michael Jordan has several homes with titles in his name, and as you might expect of one of the greatest in basketball history and Washington Wizards owner, one of the most expensive, too. His home is in Chicago, and has nine bedrooms, a guesthouse with three bedrooms, a mini golf course, 15 bathrooms, and more.

Seinfeld’s Home Isn’t Funny

Funny man Jerry Seinfeld owns a home in the Hamptons that set him back a cool $32 million. This immaculate home has two swimming pools, a gym, a bowling alley, and more.

Let’s Hear it for Hugh

The Playboy Mansion is another celebrity house that seems to have it all, including the higher than average price tag. The Playboy mansion is worth $54 million, and you get, for that price, not only the honors of living in the mansion, but an assortment of fun that makes your home so much more than a space to lay your head.

A Round of Golf?

Tiger Woods is another celebrity who owns quite a few homes. But, one that stands out in the minds of many people is his home in Jupiter Island, Florida, that has a $100 million price tag attached. It is easy to wonder if these celebrities, or anyone they invite inside, ever gets lost along their way?

The Pop Queen and her Homes

Mariah Carey has a New York penthouse, and she has a home in Florida. But, she has homes elsewhere around the country, too. When you are a diva like MC, what else do you expect/ Each of Mariah’s homes feature extra-large closets and immaculate details as you might expect.

Final Thoughts: Get a Look Now

These homes are easily found online in beautiful photographs and viewing them can help you see firsthand just how marvelous they are. One you attain celebrity status, it is easy to get a home that rock your world and exceeds all your expectations, as these celebrities have. You might not ever be able to own a home of this magnitude, but there is nothing stopping you from checking out the celebrity’s home and getting an inside glimpse into the fun.